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Voyeurism in a Brave New World

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 (Once inside, they pass a series of smaller bedrooms with computers on internet access.)
[Room 1: ]
MAN: (on computer) You're right. I deserve to be punished.
WOMAN: "Mommy" says no. I said, no.
(BRASS walks by this room and looks into the next room.)

[Room 2: ]
(A dark-haired woman sits at the computer typing on the keyboard. Her back is to the door.)

[Room 3: ]
WOMAN: Oh ... who needs the belt?
(BRASS walks to the end of the hallway and turns around.)

[Room 4: ]
(CHLOE sits in front of the keyboard. As they walk by the room, she turns around and glances at them.)
(GRISSOM looks into Room Two.)
WOMAN: Say you're sorry.
MAN: I'm sorry.
(The dark-haired woman in Room Two, turns around to look at GRISSOM.)


My dominion is also my domain.
BRASS: So, Buchman and Richards were down here doing internet porn, huh?
LADY HEATHER: Not porn. Voyeurism in a Brave New World.
GRISSOM: What would Aldous Huxley say?
LADY HEATHER: Well ... if his credit card were valid, he could say anything he wanted at $3.95 per minute.


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